Tuesday, September 2, 2008

The Day Before Climbing Mount Trus Madi

The first day of our trip to conquer Mount Trus Madi;
We start our journey from KK by bus around 2.30 pm go to Tambunan Town. This journey taking time around 1 hour and a half or two hours depend how speed your bus. We arrive at Tambunan around 4.15 p.m, So before we continue our journey to Kg Kaigaran where we will sleep there for one night, we buy foods and adidas kampung first as a preparation.

Tambunan founder Gombunan and Tamadon

At Tambunan evening market you find this "vutot" (moth that found at rumbia (sago palm) tree)

From Tambunan go to Kg Kaigaran it take around one hour drive because the road still gravel.
So we stay at "Balai Raya" Kg Kaigaran before climbing Mount Trus Madi on the next day.

At the night at Kg Kaigaran we have an opportunity to join the villager to catch fish and this activity was very fun, interesting and cold also make you hunger (so before join them please eat your dinner please)

Here the brave people who join to catch the fish

catega trying to catch the fish
how to catch?
you need to dive, find the fish and fire you gun

After swimming and diving in the cold water so we make a bonfire to warm our body

The hospitality from the villager was very good

Fish roasted

After finish doing catch fish we take a break and roast a fish. Actually on that night it was raining but the villager still manage make a fire to cook the fish.

The hungry face... even though we smile
Can you see the boy who holding a bottle, actually he was a drinking kinomol ( a type of home made alcohol that found in Sabah)

The leech manage to such this men blood before going back to "Balai Raya".

For more story about Catega journey to top of Trus Madi just wait for my new post....

Tata..... c u soon.

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