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Monday, September 24, 2007

Nurin Jazlin

Recently there is one BIG NEWS happened in Malaysia the story beginning with the missing of a girl(Nurin Jazlin) at 20th of August 2007. Then the founding of a sport beg which is inside the beg there is a body of a girl. Nurin family has been called to do the identification of the body but their deny the girl as Nurin. The police doing the DNA test and found it match with Nurin parent.

BUT... how this happen, why the girl which is still a child had been torture and became a victims (sex victim) to read more about this, here the link to the Nurin blog

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Mount Kinabalu Part 7

A restaurant at Laban Rata
Here, for fried rice is about RM15.00 but enough for 2 person eat.
Inside of this restaurant is a little bit warm compare to the outside.

Receptionist section inside of the restaurant.
If you stay at Gunting Lagadan don't forget to take you key here.
If not you gonna take a long step to going down to Laban Rata and climbing again around 50 to 100 m to Gunting Lagadan Hut

Ordering for lunch (time while i'm taking this picture is around 3.oo p.m, near to tea time)

Waiting for Chinese Fried Rice RM15.00 and a hot milo RM6.00

Finally we arrived at Gunting Lagadan Hut where we stay here for 1 night before continue climbing to summit at early morning

Dinner time... at Gunting Lagadan

Enjoying their dinner even though they don't have appetite to eat in high altitude not like me, i eat so much... rice, fish, sausage, noodles, bread etc

And now times to sleep....
to continued... don't miss our experience at the summitof Mount Kinabalu

Friday, September 7, 2007

Mount Kinabalu Part 6

After taking a short rest at the mempening hut we continue our climbing to the fifth hut that is layang-layang hut. From mempening to layang-layang hut is around 500 to 600 meter only. At the time we arrived at this hut many other climber and tourist also taking rest here.

climber taking a break at layang-layang hut

Here, we have a short break than continue climb to sixth hut (villosa hut). While climbing to villosa hut, we will see that the types of jungle is changing at the view also is different we compare to the scene at the first until fourth hut.

catega and the girls continue climbing to villosa hut from layang-layang hut.
(Taking time around 45 minute to villosa hut)

different types of jungle, and we are climbing the stones

nephentis at mount kinabalu

relaxing near the villosa hut. Behind of us is the scene amongs of the peaks of Mount Kinabalu

Beautiful scene that catega take from his borrow Nikon digital camera

Taking picture together near the villosa hut

At the villosa hut

From the villosa hut we continue to the last hut that is paka hut. At this stage many of the climber already feel very tired like there is no energy anymore. Luckily i had bring REDBULL to give me the energy to feel still fresh.

walking to paka hut

arrived at paka hut

ready to climb to the final stage, laban rata

waras hut just 100 meter before laban rata

Finally we arrived at the laban rata

Beautiful scene at the laban rata

Don't miss for the part 7.... catega gonna tell you all what we do at the laban rata and at the gunting lagadan..

to be continued...

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Metatarsal injury.... Rooney Manchester United.

Have you hear about metatarsal injury before? May be if we look back at year 80's and 90's it sound quiet rare, but today in the modern technology century it's very familiar. Why this happen?

What are metatarsal injury?
Metatarsals are the five long bones in the forefoot which connect the ankle bones to those of the toes. The first is linked to the big toe and the fifth, on the outer foot, links to the little toe. The five metatarsals act as a unit to help share the load of the body, and they move position to cope with uneven ground. Injuries usually occur as a result of a direct blow onto the foot, a twisting injury or over-use.

How this happen?

The middle metatarsals - which are the longest and narrowest - are usually injured as a result of wear and tear (stress fractures). In other words, it is caused by an ongoing process - and not one single occurrence. This is common with athletes, ballet dancers and soldiers. Impact (eg: someone stamping on your foot) and twisting can also result in fractures. The first, second and fifth metatarsals are the most commonly injured in sport. The first links to the big toe and is shorter and wider than the others. It is estimated this bears up to one third of the body weight.

How Rooney Man United Get injured?
The Manchester United and England forward broke a bone in his left foot in an entirely accidental collision with Reading defender Michael Duberry.

From the other sources have said that beside the accidental collision with Reading player, rooney injury also have the link with the shoe he wear. What Shoe Rooney wear at the time? Rooney wear the Total 90 Laser Nike boot.

What Nike respond about it?
Nike, makers of Rooney’s Total 90 Laser boots, denied that their footwear was unsafe. ‘We’re positive and Wayne’s positive the boot has nothing to do with it’, said Nike’s UK spokesman Charlie Brooks. ‘Nearly 20 per cent of the professional players in the Barclays Premier League in action this weekend were wearing this boot.’

This is the third time Rooney has suffered such an injury. The last time, of course, was in April 2006, a few weeks before the World Cup. He was rushed back before he was fully recovered and England, already over-dependent on its young talisman, was eliminated after Rooney was sent off against Portugal in the quarterfinals. Two years earlier, a broken metatarsal forced Rooney out of the Euro '04 quarterfinal against Portugal, and English hopes evaporated.

The picture below show to us Rooney metatarsal which broke at 2006

Other Hypothesis why footballer today prone to the injury
Another popular hypothesis is that ‘footballers ain’t wot they used to be’ due to the rigours of the modern game. Podiatrist Wayne Edwards thinks that intensive training from an early age is a significant factor. ‘It’s probably something to do with training levels that people are going through at the moment, the amount of time they are actually playing’, suggested Edwards. ‘These young lads…are taken on from 14 upwards into the academies and they are put through quite rigorous, adult-level training sessions.’

Dr Craig Panther, Fulham’s chief medical officer, believes that a combination of factors might be responsible. ‘Common sense says harder pitches, increasing training schedules and more flexible boots play some part’, said Panther. ‘But it is probably lots of factors combined: position, ground, time of year, boot design, even playing style.’ West Ham’s medical officer, Gus Steinbergs, also thinks there may be ‘multifactorial’ reasons for these injuries.

The treatment and recovery

Rest. The immediate response is a big "no" to all exercise and sport for 4-8 weeks. The patient may be asked to wear walking boots or stiff-soled shoes to protect the injury while it heals. If the cause is over-use, then treatment can vary hugely. Training habits, equipment used and athletic technique should all be investigated. With a bone fracture, the bone can often have a pin or screw inserted to speed up the recovery

It all depends on the damage and which metatarsal bone is involved. It is impossible to put a timescale on recovery from a stress injury.

After initial rest, the training techniques or body mechanics may need minor tweaking or a major haul to avoid a repeat injury. With an impact fracture, after the plaster and protective boot is not needed (usually after 4-6 weeks), it will be a case of exercise and increasing weight-bearing activities. Ice packs, strapping and even the use of oxygen tents can be used to assist recovery.

Full return to action can be anything from another four weeks and upwards - depending on the extent of initial damage. Young bones heal quicker.

Good or Bad facts about the recovery times history for England player

Michael Owen (2006): Fifth metatarsal - predicted 6-8 weeks returned 17 weeks later
Wayne Rooney (2004): Fifth metatarsal - predicted 8 weeks returned 14 weeks later
David Beckham (2002): Second metatarsal - predicted 6 weeks returned 7 weeks later
Gary Neville (2002): Fifth metatarsal - predicted 6-8 weeks returned 21 weeks later
Ashley Cole (2005): Fifth metatarsal - predicted 6-8 weeks returned 12 weeks later
Scott Parker (2004): Second metatarsal - predicted 8 weeks returned 34 weeks later
Danny Murphy (2002): Second metatarsal - predicted 6 weeks returned 21 weeks later
Steven Gerrard (2004): Fifth metatarsal - predicted 6-8 weeks returned 10 weeks later

Monday, September 3, 2007

Earthly Shoes Design

Let see my new shoes collection this time a found at

The fishy shoes design
how if wear at the seafood restaurant or at the aquamarine park

this shoe i call it "welcome to the jungle"
nice and beauty never forget it's a green the colour of earth

Mount Kinabalu Part 5

Sorry guys... because too busy with my work and have many outstation job that make my blog didn't updated.

Continue with my climbing story, so after taking around 5 minute rest a the first hut, we continue to the second hut. The second hut is known as pondok ubah(Ubah Hut). from the first hut to the second hut taking about 30-45 minute for a fit normal person.(or moderate and beginner climber).
the climber taking a rest a the ubah hut
catega at the lowi hut

After taking a picture at the second hut, we continue to the third hut (pondok lowi). This hut is actually is less than 800m from the second hut. So around 30 minute from the second hut we already arrive at the third hut.
taking a picture around lowi hut area
(at the of this picture you can see the lowi hut)
on going to the fourth hut (mempening hut)

The mempening hut is a bit lengthly (further) and this state we will already a bit tied. So normally from the third hut to this hut taking around an hour.

where are we know?
the happy,serious and tied faces
The mempening hut is on the renovation
so we only taking short rest than continue our journey
we are the good malaysian ( do not litter ads)

See yaa...
to be continued.....

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