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Monday, June 30, 2008

Greenland Hotel @ Kudat

If you go to Kudat... Don't worry about your accommodation because here there is many type hotel that provide good services... among them is Greenland Hotel... This hotel is located at Kudat New township just above the ambank bank.

Welcome to Greenland Hotel

here the bed

Twin Sharing room.. double bed

the price that they charge here is very affordable

So when you feel wanna go to Kudat may be you can stay here

Good place to rest is a healthy living.....

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Who Gonna Win Euro 2008?

After the championship run almost a month.., here come the finale match.... So which country that your guys bet to win? For me, it's like 50-50 chance to the both of country....

If we look to the performance... may be Spain will win but this Sunday they will play without David Villa.... Euro 2008 Top Scorer for now....

But Germany more to football traditional power... even they didn't play well they always win the match... just look they Semi final match which they win 3-2 over the Turks...

So if you wanna know who gonna win...? don't forget to turn your TV to any station that provide EURO 2008 Final Match......

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Friday, June 27, 2008

Japanese Magazines @ DBP Kudat

Have you go to DBP Library at Kota Kinabalu....? Have you seen any Japanese Magazines there? For me... i think in many times i go there.., i have never seen any Japanese Mags ..... But.... What i found at DBP library at Kudat surprise me a little bit...

Nipponia Mags

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Out Station and Out Station Again

Out station and out station again..... make me don't have time to update my blog...:( After going to keningau..last week...

And... yesterday go to Sandakan.... and today this evening go to Kudat again...ooooooowwww

Clock Tower at Kudat Town
Sorry to my blog readers.....

Monday, June 23, 2008

Rungus Handicraft

Rungus handicraft ..... have you seen it before....? Rungus is a unique ethnic that lived in north of Borneo. Handicraft was among business that give money to this ethnic.

This handicraft known as Linongkitan... very special

Among rungus handicraft that exhibited at Kudat DBP Library

Tools that had been used by rungus people to survive

Do you know what this tools used for?

Kudat town now is not the same as before many things already chance there..... so to know what is change just visit to Kudat..... :)

Friday, June 20, 2008

Rungus Traditional Cloths

While waiting time for visiting my student at Hospital Kudat, i manage my time going to DBP library at Kudat Town. I'm going here because don't want to waste my time. But i think i'm very fortunate go this library because besides can read a book.... i also have a time to look a rungus traditional attire and they handicraft......

The Rungus cloth

Lady traditional attire
It's believe can cost us a thousand ringgit

men attire,
like men formal attire nowadays
Rungus also have a jacket/

Looking from the back

front view

it's very beautiful isn't it?.......... we are Sabahan must proud with our ethnic and culture that have in this state..... next post must be about Rungus handicraft.... and by the way i'm return from my out station.... happy can make a post again to my blog...... :)

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Where I'm going....

This afternoon, i will go out station again.... until Thursday. So, it mean start tomorrow until Thursday there will be no new post..... SORRRYYYYY.......

Catega will go to Keningau doing motivational Talks.....

Canteen And Craft Shop at Simpang Mengayau

If you go to Simpang Mengayau you will not gong back with empty handed. Here at Simpang Mengayau you will there is a craft shop and canteen just the end of the road to Simpang Mengayau. If you feel thirsty here also have a canteen and the price are affordable.

here the canteen provide drink and foods

The craft shop, provide a lot of handicraft

this handicraft are local made by rungus people at kudat

nice to see, nice to hold, once interested, you need to buy

Talking about rungus people... this people mainly situated at north of Borneo specially at Kudat, Kota Marudu and Pitas. This ethic are very unique and according to history the rungus people is the first ethnic that can made they own thread from cotton. So wanna know about this rungus people just wait my next post....hehehehehe :)

Monday, June 16, 2008

Bay View Home Stay

Malaysian Tourism nowadays.... always encourage people to involved in home stay business. And this opportunity was taking by Kudat people to involved in this business. One of the home stay is known as Bay View Home Stay located at Tanjung Simpang Mengayau.

Visitor that came to Simpang Mengayau, now can extend they holiday at the tip of Borneo. The price is very affordable.

In front of Bay View Home Stay
Which is like stay in the jungle

Here the price list
For 1 night stay only at RM 100.00
Facilities that provided are, 1 double bed, 1 single bed,
2 blanket, 3 pillow, i torch light, mosquito net, electric
water, bathroom and toilet

Nice view, just like at Kampung

In front of the house

The toilet....

So.... what you think? come to Simpang Mengayau and stay here.......
Next post will be about what gift we can buy at Simpang Mengayau as sourvenier.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Sunset at Tanjung Simpang Mengayau

As promise yesterday, today my post is a sunset view at Simpang Mengayau. But unfortunately, the day i go there, the sunset was cover by cloud...... :(

So the view may be not perfect but beauty....

View from tip of Borneo

trying to be semi-pro photographer

sunset view 1 (far view)

sunset view 2 (zoom view) the sun was cover by cloud

sunset view 3 (round shape of sun cover by cloud)

tree in front of the sun

hope enjoy with this photo... i'm trying to be good photographer and learning good photographer skills. So may be many of you want to go Simpang Mengayau..... but where we can stay...? So next post will be about Bay View Home Stay, Tip of Borneo, Kudat

Friday, June 13, 2008

The Tip of Borneo

Have you heard about Simpang Mengayau.......? Simpang Mengayau is located at Kudat. Around 130 to 140 km from Kota Kinabalu about 3 hour driving. The panoramic was beautiful, the white sandy beaches and blue water was fantastic to watch and swims also.

This place was developed by Datuk Chong Kah Kiat at the time he was Sabah Chief Minister. Simpang Mengayau have the potential to do business in tourism. Many people said if u stand at the tip of borneo, it just like standing at the tip of the world.

So this time you will see a few of photo i take at Simpang Mengayau....

The globe and flag

globe and flag 2

different view

Wanna see a sunsset view at Simpang Mengayau? don't miss tommorow new post...... :)

Sunday, June 8, 2008

The New Growball in Town

Growball is among entertainment outlet in Sabah especially in Kota Kinabalu, which provides us a range type of entertainment that we can have it at 8th floor at Centre Point (CP) KK. Among them are cinema, pool, K-box (karaoke in small room) cyber café, restaurant and video games.

And recently Growball growth again became bigger which they added new hall for cinema, new restaurant lounge and more games spaces. And they new main entrance can be found at 5th floor which is at Palm Square.

New Growball main entrance

New escalator to new cinema hall

Furthef view Growball at Plam Square Centre Point Kota Kinabalu

Hopefully this new look of Growball didn’t increase they cinema ticket in future time but will renovate they cinema and places to look more exclusive. This is need to compete with other cinema like GSC and Cathay which is they hall are exclusive and comfortable.

all the best Growball....

Friday, June 6, 2008

Fuel Price Effect: Second Day

After reading so many news today..... there is a lot of people complaining about the price and others doing nothing or wait and see.

Among the effects that i found out.......
1. DAP doing protest about the oil price hike
2. Many car owner go to NGV (natural gas vehicle)
3. The tour agent still didn't doing any action what they do just wait and see for now
4. Road tax may be will cut further
5. School bus fee may be will increase RM10 to RM 50 depend to KM
6. Car sales may be go down
7. hacker attempts to deface PM's website
8. rice price go down... that's the good news.....

What happen tomorrow...

news source from: nstonline, berita harian
photo source:

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Oil price increasing.....

Car jamming at petrol kiosk

Yesterday our beloved PM was announce that the petrol and diesel price will increase starting today. If before we only need to pay RM 1.92 for a liter petrol and RM 1.58 for diesel, so now the petrol price is increase 78 sen make the petrol price to 2.70/liter and for diesel increase RM 1 turn the diesel price to 2.58 / liter.

So what u think Malaysian is that our government helping us or they don't mind the consequences to rakyat Malaysia ehmmmm..... the price hike is to drastic for us to handle. The increasing of oil price also will effect other sector like public transport, food, agriculture and many more. And of course the budget demand for us to survive will increase and salary scheme now.... of course is not enough.

Government may be already increase the wages for they own staff but how about private sector? some may be have done it and some may be not. Before doing this government need to make a census about malaysian household income, is that malaysian people can afford the consequence of oil price hike. One think also, government need to announce new salary act for private sector for minimum wages. It is need done to make sure whose work at private sector also can afford they family.

One think that government need to look also beside giving money subsidy to vehicle owner but the people who using public transport. Because many of people now is using a public transport and of cause the hike of oil price will effect the cost of using public transport.

Here are rakyat comments about the price hike... i got it at nst online talk back....

Hazel, Kuala Lumpur:
Instead of giving us explanation on how the cabinet could not protect the livelihood of the people already, Pak Lah should have increased the wealth of the nation the moment he took over. A bright person should have at least grasp the simple concept of inflation and had the good sense of preparing the nation towards the increase in cost of living. But he did exactly the opposite, shouting rhetorics, practising wastage, cronyism and nepotism. No wonder the nation's treasury suffered. Hence, our buffer needed to pay the subsidies diminished even further. When we do not enough money to pay subsidies for the benefit of the people, we should never burden them further to the detriment of our ever waning popularity. We do not have enough money because our PM did not sell Malaysia to the world! He did not work to attract FDIs. But what did he do?

Intan, Kuala Lumpur:
The oil price increase is a very drastic move by the government. I will not be surprised if there is an increase in violence, crime rate and depression in tandem.

Along, Kuala Lumpur:
Come on Malaysians! Wake up to the real world! This is bound to happen sooner or later. How long r we still to live under the tempurung and wanting to feel safe under a flimsy protection? Everywhere else in the world are struggling to adjust to the hikes of everything, and it's about time that we do that too. True, budget will be tight, but we have always been able to make do with what we have. Now is the best time to really understand and practise the meaning of 'what u need against what u want'. Things will need time to adjust, but adjust we will, because we can and we should. After all, Malaysians are known to be a lot who love to grumble and make noise before doing anything, but after a while, things will move on as usual.

Justine Wong, Shah Alam:
With petrol price increased what's the government going to do for the rakyat when our salaries are not increased. We Malaysians are not spending unwisely on luxuries. In fact we do not have enough to spend on necessities as well. This increase has upset all Malaysians and life is going to be tougher now.

Halim, KL:
I am a proud Malaysian who has been loyal paying the income tax since 1992, but I am not proud with this fuel price hike today! The decision was made sooner than expected. To me and majority of the rakyat, this government's action or game plan is an act of punishment to rakyat for electing them back to the parliament. Call me naive or whatever, but I cannot imagine how my family (my mom, sisters, the rest of rakyat) would be able to cope with this price hike especially when it involves the primary consumable products like fuel, electricity. Well, I congratulate pak lah and his government for burdening us with this hike. Later, we will be burdened again with toll price hikes. The burden and punishment on the rakyat will never end with this government. Only time will tell (till the next general election), how the rakyat feel and cast their votes.

Arvind, KL:
Petrol price increase is inevitable in many countries in the advent of increasing global oil price. And the rakyat would certainly welcome the cash rebates

However, our Government should also amend their policies and practices in other areas.

1. Reducing sales, tax, subsidies for vehicles so that we don't pay so much in tax. In countries like the UK, US and Australia, car prices are fairly affordable without excessive or unnecessary tax to burden the people. If such policies are in place then the people would really have an issue doing away with subsidies. The real challenge is when such practices are not in place that people of this country feel shortchanged.

2. Most countries are encouraging the use of NGV for private vehicles to save the world and to counter global oil prices. The government should consider giving opportunities for other petrol stations to have more NGV kiosks. This would help more cars to be fitted with NGV tanks. I am sure even a cash rebate to encourage this move will be welcomed. What's happening now is fewer kiosks managed only by Petronas creates long queues thus preventing people from opting for this.

If the government is truly concerned about inflation, burdening the rakyat and being just and equitable, then they should seriously consider the above suggestions.

Anak Malaysia, Kajang:
I think the hike of oil prices cannot be prevented as it is the global trend, but does the govt realise the burden of the rakyat? We do notice that every time after a general election, there'd be a hike in the prices of fuel and electricity. Yesterday, it was said that the price adjustment will be in August, suddenly the hike took effect after midnight. How will the rakyat cope?

Muzamil, KL:
It is high time for our leaders to change their lifestyle instead. Cut their salaries and make them pay for their own fuel. They never understand people's sufferings. Why is it everytime rakyat who has to change the lifestyle? Why not the ministers? Have they imagined how the rakyat will have to adjust? Have they thought of the economic and social repercussion on the people? And now they want us to become the "ear and eyes" to report to them if the retailers hike up their price.

I support Halim. All my life I have been supporting BN but to my disappointment, our current government is good for nothing except adding burden to us. I wish Dr M is still on board! If I could, I want him back and I know I am not alone!

Ed, KL:
The rise is expected. We have been enjoying fuel subsidy for too long. Be real, this cannot go on and even places like India pay about RM4.70 per litre. Even at RM2.70, it is cheap and the difference between this and the market is not 30 sen but far greater. All around us, prices are pegged to the market and we need to 'grow up'.

Hashim, Ipoh:
To say that our government is doing an act of punishment for increasing the price of petrol is absurd. Please be reasonable, do not be emotional. We know that the situation is worldwide, not just in Malaysia. What is not right I think is the time factor. It was said that the increase would not happen until August this year but all of a sudden it was announced very much earlier. Does this show there is some kind of misunderstanding between our leaders. At this critical moment, leaders should be more careful in making statements and announcements so as not to give space for people with ultra motives to manipulate and exploit the situation.

Alex, KL:
Yes, I agree that sooner or later, we will have to adjust our budget but sometimes, for some of us, we are just managing. Tightening more means go without transport, or a meal and is not as simple as counting 1, 2, 3, or just take away the 3 and you have 2. I think it is too sudden to cope with such a great margin. Definitely inflation will increase and you will find a lot of other stuff going up, not to mention electricity and cooking gas. The govt should've implemented the hike gradually so that it will be easier on us and it allows the poor to adjust better. It is easy for Pak Lah and his govt to say to ration bcos they don't pay for the fuel. It is paid by us taxpayers anyway. I hope there will be CHANGE or we Rakyat will suffer like the Africans! Alex, KL

Kumar, Penang:
The govt shud still pursue levy on foreign vehicles. Taxpayer funds shud not be used to subsidize foreigner petrol purchase. What abt ensuring that foreign vehicle cannot leave malaysia with more than 1/2 tank & do spot checks? Govt shud increase subsidy on critical items like bread & LPG that are difficult to smuggle. Enforcement to ensure critical items are not taken out shud be beefed up

Ya, i agree with Along. Come on Malaysians, its no time to sulk over issues which are happening globally - open your eyes, do more research and you will see that this things are bound to happen.. So what if we are oil producer? We're just about a tiny 5 per cent of the world oil producers... so be blessed for having the cheapest fuel price in Asia and start thinking eco green. Improving the public transport by not damaging it, car pool... At the moment, in traffic jams, u'll see that it's like 1 person 1 car... Learn more from Europe...

On this matter, the government should do something... Encourage more bus routes, more police patrol on the lookout for snatch crimes and just make us feel safe when we're walking out there. Encourage the use of bicycles, more LRT system tracks, larger pedestrian walkways... Look at ours now, they're such a wreck.

i think this is something the government should and must ensure us so that it will ease our burden from the oil hike.

Please all, do your research online and get a bigger picture of what's happening globally and don't be a jaguh kampung thinking only inside the box.

Phoebe, Kuala Lumpur:
This significant hike of petrol price will surely increase the dissatisfaction among rakyat and I am one of them! Come on, Lah! The subsidy is mainly to make the Gov sound more considerate after playing the evil party here. So what the Gov mean is that RM600 will help the public increase their survival rate?? You must be kidding me! Leading to the hike of electricity prices, food prices, etc. is one of the worst inflation ever! Well, the next election will prove whether this is a right move or not. Guess we will see more and more Malaysians migrating to other countries in no time! God bless Malaysia...

Ivan Khan, Kuala Lumpur:
So how will the rakyat survive when the government suddenly implemented that our fuel price will follow the world oil price??? Those from the lower and medium income groups will have it hard. Prices of everything go up, but our salaries.

Rob, Sg. Petani:
Welcome to the real world. Every country in the world are experiencing price hike in fuel and daily neccessities. Yet, oil producing countries (OPEC) and big oil companies still not willing to increase the crude oil production, couple that with commodity speculation... fuel price are at it's historical height. There is still a big gap in terms of price for subsidised diesel for fishermen and the market diesel price and it will still encourage smuggling of subsidised diesel to our neighbouring countries. Remember, we are all paying those diesel with our tax money!!

With the increase in oil price, it will not be easy for us. Just how many people in Malaysia earn more than RM2000 a month?

K. Rajasekaran, Penang.:
It's the typical Malaysian mentality to retaliate and be negative towards the government's move. Wake up, my fellow Malaysians! Get out of the comfort zone and see the reality. How long more are we to be pampered with these form of subsidies? For another 50 years? Till we celebrate our Centenary Independence celebration? Are we to be declared developed nation in 2020 BUT still keep longing for cheaper petrol? Cheaper in this sense is only due to the subsidy provided by the govt!

I had written to a similar response column last week on this matter. I'm glad govt took notice of some recommendations made here by like-wise Malaysians. Deciding on a fixed quantum for the subsidy; i.e 30 cents is an applicable alternative to the earlier practice. Similarly, paying rebates on the road tax is a welcome move too. Yes, the govt income drops. Yet, it isn't as drastic as the whopping subsidy amount yearly. Malaysia may be the few of nations left whereby our subsidy allocation is higher than the development expenditure! As unpopular as it may seem, Pak Lah and his cabinet has made a drastic move for the long term benefits of the country. Congratulations to them.

On the other hand, I have some criticism too. The decision was made at the Cabinet meeting and announced around 4pm or so. Leaving Malaysians with less than 7 hours for a mad rush to the petrol stations. Knowing us, this is where everyone decides to drive and manouevre their vehicles better than Schumacher and Hamilton! I believe, the govt should have considered this two options:-

1. Announce as they did but with a 7 to 14 day grace period. Therefore , a mad rush like yesterday could have been avoided.

2. Just issue an official press statement to be released at the midnight news if they wanted to have the prices on immediate effect. Yes, many would have grumbled and cursed. But, the mayhem could have been avoided.

I live off Jalan Masjid Negeri in Penang. A major road with no less than than six petrol stations and six traffic lights. Moving along the road was nightmarish. The car beside mine had two small kids crying to get home coz' they were hungry. Normally, we go to these stations to buy some snacks to pacify the little ones. But yesterday, it was impossible. Each station had triple or quadruple rows of vehicles waiting bumper to bumper as though the world petrol deposits ends today! Sadly, we Malaysians did portray the true selfish attitude at this wanting times. Blocking traffic lights was one. Shouting at the foreign pump attendants was another classic example! We lost our world renowned selfless spirit and friendly/tolerant nature yesterday!

All said, I'm hoping the govt can now plan real mechanisms to boost the economy and keep inflation at bay! God bless.

I am an ordinary citizen and I certainly disagree with the Government decision to up fuel prices. Our beloved country is a producing country and an exporter of fuel. The question is, why sell our fuel when it could be distributed to the people. To me it looks like our Government's Top Guns ripped off the profit and spend lavishly for their own benefits and unnecessary projects (with profit also mind). By right they should start off reducing their salaries and allowances.

Latuk, Kuala Lumpur:
What the government is doing is totally not in tune with the present economy. It's causing hardship especially to the low-income earner. Early this morning a Malay guard approached me telling the effect of this petrol thing and lamenting that he only earn a thousand a month. Now what, maybe the Pakatan government is the answer to their woes. I am afraid this Barisan govt will be toppled very soon, because of their insensitiveness to the Rakyat.

David , Miri:
How come countries like Venezuela and Brunei can subsidise the petrol prices in their country and not Malaysia? Do we know how much $$$ Petronas is making with the increase in world oil prices? Why can't the government continue to give the same amount of subsidy for petrol? Has Malaysia become a net importer of petroleum? I just wonder who actually own Petronas? Where do all the revenue earned by "Our Oil Company" go? It is a shame that our government cannot subsidise our petrol more while other oil exporting countries can.

Debs, PJ:
There will never be enough for a person who makes RM1500 and below now! Income: Salary = RM1500 Take home salary (after deducting SOCSO & EPF) = RM1300 Expenses: Rent a room = RM400 Food = RM4 x 3 x 30 = RM360 Monthly necessities (toiletries) = RM50 Phone bills = RM50 Petrol = RM200 Recreational (you need a life too!) = RM150 Insurance premium = RM150 Car repayment = RM400 TOTAL EXPENSES = RM1760 Since you won't be able to pay for everything you require monthly, so you'll need the help of some Ah Longs, or Credit Cards. So add 10% to the difference of your expenses and your take-home income into your expenses. Chicken & Egg here... it'll never end. So we should all go get ourselves bicycle to work now. Good thing is, most 1st World Countries have TONNES of bicycles around. We're on the right track!

fyenana,Johor Bahru:
Pak Lah makes too many drastic decision, congrats to DR M for choosing him as A great leader from dont know where. OIL increase again! What happen to Malaysian oil (petronas).

Ok, now that the fuel subsidy is cut so let's see how the gov is going to utilise the billions of saving. Is the gov to maintain the same old ways of doing things like lack of transparency, wastages and etc? Is there any change on how things being carried out efficiently and effectively? My own opinion, I surely put up my hands and legs to support gov's move if there's real changes. But if it's the same,then i would prefer to be subsidised as much as possible.

Maria, Kuala Lumpur:
The annual cash rebates does give us back some money into our pockets and will be beneficial to small car owners. Having said that, I'm looking forward to the day when the fuel price is reduced since Pak Lah stated that the the price will be revised monthly. As it is, the global price of fuel is declining. Hopfefully, we can see cheaper fuel next month.

amin, shah alam:
I agree with David, Miri:- "Do we know how much $$$ Petronas is making with the increase in world oil prices? Why can't the government continue to give the same amount of subsidy for petrol? Has Malaysia become a net importer of petroleum? I just wonder who actually own Petronas? Where do all the revenue earned by "Our Oil Company" go? It is a shame that our government cannot subsidise our petrol more while other oil exporting countries can." I have suggestion here, why don't goverment start a campaign to ask all Malaysians to only buy petrol from Petronas, and the profit gained from Petronas can be given back to Malaysians via a higher cash subsidy (maybe around rm2400) annually? And do we really need all the MEGA Projects to be started all simultanesously? Why don't we take it slow and rational??? or else ending with all people suffering for the gain of few others...

Lan, KL:
The price should be at least RM5.00 a litre, then only there is no talk about subsidy, about cheaper price compare with neigbouring country. Be happy...

Faiz, Selayang:
We are jumping into the real ocean now

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

My Princess Birthday Today

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Yes today is my princess birthday..... hope all her wish will come trueee...

Happy Birthday to youuuuu..........

Monday, June 2, 2008

Drinking Chinese Tea Not as Cheap as Before

Many of us may be when times ordering a drink at restaurant, choosing a Chinese tea because it’s cheap. But, nowadays drinking a Chinese tea is not cheap as before. If we look few years back we can drink a Chinese tea for free or a warm Chinese tea at 20 cent and cold Chinese tea at 30 cent.

Today, many restaurant charge a warm Chinese tea at 30 cent and cold Chinese tea at 50 cent. This price is I guess we consider as expensive Chinese tea but still affordable. But….

Can you guess how much this Chinese tea?

For a glass Chinese tea, it cost me 80 cent. This Chinese was the most expensive I ever pay at ordinary restaurant (not a high standard restaurant).

So think twice before ordering your drinks if you choose Chinese tea…..

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Unduk Ngadau 2008

The winner for unduk ngadau 2008 Leonie Gontuni, second place goes to Florence Masimbin From Kinabatangan and third place goes to Emily Majil from Tambunan
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