Sunday, June 8, 2008

The New Growball in Town

Growball is among entertainment outlet in Sabah especially in Kota Kinabalu, which provides us a range type of entertainment that we can have it at 8th floor at Centre Point (CP) KK. Among them are cinema, pool, K-box (karaoke in small room) cyber café, restaurant and video games.

And recently Growball growth again became bigger which they added new hall for cinema, new restaurant lounge and more games spaces. And they new main entrance can be found at 5th floor which is at Palm Square.

New Growball main entrance

New escalator to new cinema hall

Furthef view Growball at Plam Square Centre Point Kota Kinabalu

Hopefully this new look of Growball didn’t increase they cinema ticket in future time but will renovate they cinema and places to look more exclusive. This is need to compete with other cinema like GSC and Cathay which is they hall are exclusive and comfortable.

all the best Growball....


Anonymous said...

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Mr. D aka Triple D said...

a new place to take your gf on weekends right? lol

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