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Friday, June 20, 2008

Rungus Traditional Cloths

While waiting time for visiting my student at Hospital Kudat, i manage my time going to DBP library at Kudat Town. I'm going here because don't want to waste my time. But i think i'm very fortunate go this library because besides can read a book.... i also have a time to look a rungus traditional attire and they handicraft......

The Rungus cloth

Lady traditional attire
It's believe can cost us a thousand ringgit

men attire,
like men formal attire nowadays
Rungus also have a jacket/

Looking from the back

front view

it's very beautiful isn't it?.......... we are Sabahan must proud with our ethnic and culture that have in this state..... next post must be about Rungus handicraft.... and by the way i'm return from my out station.... happy can make a post again to my blog...... :)

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