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Monday, May 26, 2008

Sabah Festival of Praise Video Promo

Sunday, May 25, 2008

And Winnnerrrrsssss Go Tooo...... Stacy

The Akademi Fantasia concert just over a minute ago..... and the AF fanatic fans must already who is the winner..... Yeah the winner go to the very talented and the best AF 6 perfomer that is Stacy.....

Thank you to the voterssss who make Stacy dream become reality and make the first Sabahan to win the big prize after 5 season Sabahan only got Runner up..... (no 2).

Congratultion to Stacy...... Lebih Sudah.......

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Who gonna win Akademi Fantasia 6

Every one in Malaysia must know that to night is the Final concert for Akademi Fantasia 6...
Who is your favorite the win as a top student.... are voting for Stacy.... , Nadia, Riz , Toi or Nubhan...






However among this top 5, i choose Stacy to win this season akademi fantasia

So how to make Stacy become a winner just follow this steps and vote for Stacy

Just SMS AFUNDI STACY and send to 32999

This the way to make the first Sabahan to win AF competition...

13703/13706/13705/13710/13720 & Press

& SMS to 3299



Good Luck to STacy..... cayo..cayaoooo.....

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Festival of Praise

Anyone who want to energize your FAITH in Jesus Christ just come to Festival of Praise..... This concert are organize by SIB Church and Other church as well.... and my church Baptist

Here the promo poster for the concert......

The ticket is very cheap only..... (4 - 6 Jun)
RM20 for seminar
RM30 for seminar + concert

Concert ticket... (7th Jun)
RM10 normal

If you want to buy the ticket just contact... OWEL @ 0168200695

How to go there .... here the map.... it easy to go there just near KK city

Pulau Batu Puteh Goes to Singopore

Have you heard about Malaysia and Singapore are fighting to get Pulau Batu. It already 6 Month of hearing at International Court Of Justice.

What is the special of Pulau Batu Puteh....?

However The ICJ already make the decision Pulau Batu Puteh (Pedra Branca) goes to Singapore and Malaysia got Middle Rock....

Here the moment....@ Court....

The reason why Batu Puteh goes to Singapore... are
1. 1850-1953, there is no prove that Malaysia got any activities on that island
2. The map that Malaysia made show also the Harsburg fire house that Singapore claim
3. Letter from secretaries of Johor government as a prove the power to control the
island given to Singapore
4. Other claim by Singapore are strong and ICJ confident with it.

Friday, May 23, 2008

David Cook is The New American Idol

Are you the idol fans? of course you know the winner right.... Actually i'm not this American Idol fan. Compare AF (akademi fantasia) and American Idol (AI), i have watch AF but not AI. But however my office always talking about this AI, and watch it at Youtube, yeah youtube make our life easier... hehehe...

Here the moment of the winner announcement

Congratulation to David Cook and Good Luck for your career And you David Archuleta... Never Give Up

All The Best!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

School uniform invites Rapers and Molester

If you guys read to Malaysian newspaper recently you will know about this... that our school uniform for girls is inviting mens to make a mistake.....? what mistake..... sorry invites them to do horrible thing to the girls such as rape, molesting and soon.

You guys out there do agree that the pinafore that had been wear by the girls student attracted to you desire especially the mens....

This issue had been risen by Islamic organization.... i already forget the name. Yeah May be that the school uniform look sexy ...ehm may be... But it actually depend to the girl how the wear it and the cutting that they tailored it. So it can be sexy and not sexy also. If the cloths is to transparent just buy the thick cloths or wear "baju dalam"

May be we have been influence by the Japanese culture wear short skirt to attract the men they likes...ehmmmmm or the people who rise it afraid our student will follow the Japaneses school fashion.

what you think guys....

**this issue will further discuss at

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Tuesday, May 20, 2008


This Month... Sabah is a very happening state in Malaysia. Guess Why.....? ehm..... because this month all Sabahan ethnic will celebrate "Pesta Menuai" also knew as Kaamatan. Among the most interesting in this Kaamatan is the Unduk Ngadau (beauty Pageant).

All the district in Sabah will find they Unduk Ngadau and then will gather at KK for finds who is the most beuaty lady in Sabah.

So don't you want to know who is district winner now..... for 2008.

If yes please go to

Saturday, May 3, 2008

My recently visit to Kuala Lumpur & Shah Alam

Last Sunday i was going to KL for my outstation Job... So what i do when i'm boring? many people will feel lonely and boring when you travel alone. So what can we do for escape from this boring feeling.

Many people will try escape the loneliness feeling with window shopping or reading magazine, watching movie or tv and so on.

But for catega... i think is better if we visit to place where there is something for us to learn for example the new university in Klang Valley, Management and Science University (MSU). MSU actually is not a really new university in malaysia, before it known as MSU people already knew them as KUTPM.

here i got some new photo for they new building. It is very unique and beautiful architecture.

But as always when going to KL we must go to shopping. For men it is sometimes hard for us find a gift for someone special... Do you think this handbag is pretty good to buy for.....

And when you fly with airaasia... don't forget to try this Formula One simulation. It is very fantastics and free also if you are airasia guest. Don't miss it.

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