Saturday, May 3, 2008

My recently visit to Kuala Lumpur & Shah Alam

Last Sunday i was going to KL for my outstation Job... So what i do when i'm boring? many people will feel lonely and boring when you travel alone. So what can we do for escape from this boring feeling.

Many people will try escape the loneliness feeling with window shopping or reading magazine, watching movie or tv and so on.

But for catega... i think is better if we visit to place where there is something for us to learn for example the new university in Klang Valley, Management and Science University (MSU). MSU actually is not a really new university in malaysia, before it known as MSU people already knew them as KUTPM.

here i got some new photo for they new building. It is very unique and beautiful architecture.

But as always when going to KL we must go to shopping. For men it is sometimes hard for us find a gift for someone special... Do you think this handbag is pretty good to buy for.....

And when you fly with airaasia... don't forget to try this Formula One simulation. It is very fantastics and free also if you are airasia guest. Don't miss it.

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