Monday, September 3, 2007

Mount Kinabalu Part 5

Sorry guys... because too busy with my work and have many outstation job that make my blog didn't updated.

Continue with my climbing story, so after taking around 5 minute rest a the first hut, we continue to the second hut. The second hut is known as pondok ubah(Ubah Hut). from the first hut to the second hut taking about 30-45 minute for a fit normal person.(or moderate and beginner climber).
the climber taking a rest a the ubah hut
catega at the lowi hut

After taking a picture at the second hut, we continue to the third hut (pondok lowi). This hut is actually is less than 800m from the second hut. So around 30 minute from the second hut we already arrive at the third hut.
taking a picture around lowi hut area
(at the of this picture you can see the lowi hut)
on going to the fourth hut (mempening hut)

The mempening hut is a bit lengthly (further) and this state we will already a bit tied. So normally from the third hut to this hut taking around an hour.

where are we know?
the happy,serious and tied faces
The mempening hut is on the renovation
so we only taking short rest than continue our journey
we are the good malaysian ( do not litter ads)

See yaa...
to be continued.....

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