Friday, September 7, 2007

Mount Kinabalu Part 6

After taking a short rest at the mempening hut we continue our climbing to the fifth hut that is layang-layang hut. From mempening to layang-layang hut is around 500 to 600 meter only. At the time we arrived at this hut many other climber and tourist also taking rest here.

climber taking a break at layang-layang hut

Here, we have a short break than continue climb to sixth hut (villosa hut). While climbing to villosa hut, we will see that the types of jungle is changing at the view also is different we compare to the scene at the first until fourth hut.

catega and the girls continue climbing to villosa hut from layang-layang hut.
(Taking time around 45 minute to villosa hut)

different types of jungle, and we are climbing the stones

nephentis at mount kinabalu

relaxing near the villosa hut. Behind of us is the scene amongs of the peaks of Mount Kinabalu

Beautiful scene that catega take from his borrow Nikon digital camera

Taking picture together near the villosa hut

At the villosa hut

From the villosa hut we continue to the last hut that is paka hut. At this stage many of the climber already feel very tired like there is no energy anymore. Luckily i had bring REDBULL to give me the energy to feel still fresh.

walking to paka hut

arrived at paka hut

ready to climb to the final stage, laban rata

waras hut just 100 meter before laban rata

Finally we arrived at the laban rata

Beautiful scene at the laban rata

Don't miss for the part 7.... catega gonna tell you all what we do at the laban rata and at the gunting lagadan..

to be continued...

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