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Saturday, September 6, 2008

Destinasi Bajet (Budget Destination)

Have you watch a program that called as "Destinasi Bajet" (Budget Destination)?

Just Recently Catega and friends have the opportunity to meet face to face with the program host, Qushairi while we have a vacation at Manukan Island. He was very friendly and funny, have a sense of humor.

What this program about?
"Destinasi Bajet" actually about holiday/vacation program wheres the host will spend just RM300 for 3 day vacation. And all the places that he go actually limited to in country only. So if you want to spend less money while "cuti-cuti Malaysia" it's better you watch this program as a guidance hehehehe.

For more info and watch "Destinasi Bajet" episode you can click here.

Qushairi the "Destinasi Bajet" Host

Here Laura, Syal, Qushairi and Catega taking photo for memory


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