Thursday, September 18, 2008

Lok Kawi Wildlife Park A.K.A Lok Kawi Zoo

Just Recently Catega with colleagues bring our mentee for doing community service at Lok Kawi Zoo.... it was very fun and worth experiences for us... some of our mentee have the opportunity to wash a python which is test you self believe....

Our programe start around 9.30 a.m, where the Lok Kawi Zoo in charge person was brief to us what the job that we can do... then all of us around 105 people was divided to four group call as Harimau, Zebra, Gajah and the last one i forgot.... After that every group was taking to difference place or part of the zoo for the community service...

Welcome to Lok Kawi Wildlife Park
The first zoo in Sabah

Our mentee, they are listening about the zoo history

Among Lok Kawi in charge person on that day

Here Catega doing community service just after climbing Mount Trus Madi

Among Community service that we do

What types of animal that can found here....? there is a lot actually among them which Catega manage take the picture are:

Proboscis monkey


Zebra & wild buffalo






And other reptiles species...

This activity was encourage our mentee the learn the important of this wild life to our ecosystem and nature... May be next we do it again this kind of community service....

And to any one who plan want to go this zoo.... Just go because there is a lot of interesting animal that can be found here and don't forget every 11.30 and 3.30 this zoo have organize a show... want to know the show... just visit this park. Only RM 10 for malaysian adult... foreign maybe just a little expensive but affordable.
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