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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Blogging at Upper Star

Welcome to Upperstar

Just recently me and my friend Pierrie go to Upperstar KK, with one reason trying to online at there and in the same time have a drink. But however, before we can get online from Upperstar wireless connection the is something that should never happen, which is the Upperstar waitress or waiter give us the wrong password. We even try ask them five times but all the password the give us was wrong.... Luckily catega is a smart men and can think with his mind and can get the correct password.

If you wanna drinks or take your dinner here, actually if you asking about the price... it is affordable but it is delicious? may be it depend to your taste...

Catega after can get Upperstar wifi connection

Thinking what topic want to discus

Inside Upperstar at the second floor

Nice drawing

What kind ideology of is this? Are you agree with it?

once again nice wall design

Pierrie before going down to ground floor

Catega at the stair

Try go there and experience Upperstar hospitality and don't miss to see the beautiful decoration at Upperstar.

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