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Friday, September 5, 2008

Mount Trus Madi: Our Journey To The Top

Our expedition to the top of Mount Trus Madi was not run smoothly... because the transport that promise to bring us the climbing point was broken. So what we need to do is walking from the Kg Kaigaran until to top which is taking a lot of time... from what we heard from the villager it will take about 5 to 8 hours to climb until the cabin place at Mount Trus Madi. However we still try to climb the mountain and look what happen next.

Here we walking climbing the hills

We thought we already arrive at forest gate but it's still far according to our guide huuhuuuu.

the exhausted faces

Catega still manage to take his own photo

This is our road that we need to climb

Mount Kinabalu, a view from Kaigaran hill

A unique pakis

finally we arrive at the entry point, after around 3 hours walking and climbing the hills

Catega at the entry point

Luckily at the entry point we manage to rent forest land cruiser to bring us to the climbing point which is there we can take a rest at the rest house

This is the climbing point... climbing Mount Trus Madi only take 4900m not like Mount Kinabalu take 8KM over. If we starting our climbing here so it will easy for us but because we starting our climbing at Kg Kaigaran so at the moment we arrive here we already exhausted.

All the team

In the Middle of Mount Trus Madi Jungle

What next...? wait for next post.


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