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Monday, July 16, 2007

One Thousand Voices Mega Concert For Peace

Last night a catega shoe have bring catega to a very big choir concert catega have seen ever. The concert call One thousand voices mega concert for peace which is organize by the Adventist Development Foudation (ADF). This concert featuring The Golden Angels from South Korea and The Ambassadors from Philippines.

here a news taken from News Sabah Times;

KOTA KINABALU: The drizzling rain, heavy traffic jams and even difficulty in finding suitable parking spots did not deter the huge crowd from attending the ‘1,000 Voices Mega Concert for Peace’ held at the Likas Stadium last night.

The people filled more than half of the stadium and many came two hours early to beat the anticipated traffic jam and get the best seats prior to the start of the performances at 7pm.

The mega concert, which is the first of its kind held in Sabah, saw the crowd of all ages entertained by the singing of world renowned gospel choirs in the likes of the ‘Ambassadors’ from the Adventist University of the Philippines, who are the world champion of the Gospel and Spiritual Category in the 2006 World Choir Games (4th Choir Olympics) and South Korean ‘Golden Angels’.

Prior to the start of the show, Datuk Seri Joseph Pairin Kitingan the guest of honour, released doves, which are considered as symbols of peace among Christians.

Sabah’s own ‘The Ripples’ choir group and soloist, Joanna Sue Henley Rampas, also wowed the crowd with their performances.

More than 5,000 choir members turned up for the lively event, which seeks to be listed in the Malaysian Book of Records for the performance of the mammoth choir groups.

Pictures Collection:
before concert start pic 1

before concert pic 2

before concert pic 3
before concert pic 4

the banner

Lightning test

Concert is running pic 1

the ending.....

the banner 2

note; this picture taken using LG handphone model G262.


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