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Saturday, July 21, 2007

Animals and Shoes

Cute piggy and shoes which is i write yesterday give me an idea about how if this animal shape like we design it to make a fashionable shoes. Which is maybe all the celebrities especially hollywood celebs wanted to have one.

And what i found, there is one person have make a sketch or draw 11 shoes animal design. The following pictures i get from his flickr.

pic 1:
pic 2:
pic 3:
pic 4:
pic 5:
pic 6:
pic 7:
pic 8:
pic 9:
pic 10:
what you all think about this design? isn't it we can accept to shoes fahion to nowadays...
we WWF (not world wrestling federation) make a campaign about love animal or nature don't make animal fur use for fashion but how about this design....? may be WWF can make a campaign to promote this shoes design, maybe this shoe not suitable for a normal function but we can use it for certain events.

Hope, enjoy see this nice pic.....
anyone who have a shoe collections that wanted to put here can send me an email or add to my guestbook...


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