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Friday, July 20, 2007

Cutes Piggy and Shoes

Last night i have seen a news on Bulletin Utama TV3 talking about pig farm issue in Melaka. Wheres, many people who live near to the farm is complaining to goverment and Karem Singh Walia, the TV3 reporter has been risen the issue. The problems is about the feses from the pig that polluted to the river, nature and caused smell pollution.

Talking about piggy, actually many people like it because its delicious meat. And now piggy also become one of fashion idealism. Here what i got when searching the relation about pig shoes fashion.

pink piggy shoes

Nike piggy shoes

DC shoes also using piggy image

pretty shoes with piggy face from Z-Boy Shoes Collection

piggy baby shoe

shoes design wiht piggy image

piggy as fashion icon

and... piggy also is a shoes model.

what you think about piggy and world fashion design?


Doc Martens Boots said...

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i like the post

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