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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Bad Customer Review On J Lo Footwear - Part 2

Yesterday, catega already writes a review on J Lo Chandra shoes. Today as catega promise, next is J Lo Erika model review by customer.

Before catego goes to review here some info about J Lo or Jennifer Lopez, recently she just release her new spanish(may be) album, Como Ama Una Mujer. To read the review his new album can visit to

Let's go the J Lo Erika Shoe view;

Pair View:
Top View:
Bottom View:
Left View:
Right View:
Back View:
Front View:
Customer Review On J Lo Erika:
First Customer:

Overall:2 stars Comfort:1 stars Look:4 stars

This shoe is absolutely adorable, but is made cheaply and is uncomfortable in the toe (where the toes stick out the front). Definitely not made for walking. Probably made for sitting in the back of a limo ala J. Lo and being waited on. Wish I'd paid less, as they already are showing wear after a couple of outings. I'll update my review when they (invariably) fall apart.

Reviewed on 2006-11-13 09:04:59 by Anonymous from Washington, DC

First Customer:

Overall:3 stars Comfort:2 stars Look:5 stars

Cute shoes, but uncomfortable! I love the look of these shoes. I wore them to an engagement party. I got many compliments on them; however these shoes are very uncomfortable. After one dance I had to sit down to give my poor soles a break, they hurt that bad. I am used to wearing high heels, but it is like walking on the balls of your feet all night in these shoes. Please put in those inserts inside these if you are on your feet for more than an hour.

Reviewed on 2006-07-26 05:17:34 by Anonymous from Staten Island, New York

What catega writes:

This have a different review from J Lo Chandra, If J Lo Chandra have a comfortability but J Lo Erika Have the Look but not comfortability. May be this is a high heel shoe, so J Lo footwear must careful with the design and especially for the base of foot. It not a shoe that use to walk or dancing. This shoe just you wear when you have photograph session. Once again it's a beautiful shoe, but only buy it if you really think is worth for you. J Lo Footwear may be you need J Lo Erika revolution. Nice design but try to make it comfortable.

Next Review: J Lo Damask....

*customer review source from


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