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Thursday, July 5, 2007

Introduction To The History Of Shoes

The First Century Shoe.... it's believe a roman empire shoes and it's find in France.

Shoes is one of very important accessory to humans. From the genesis where when human became sinner, when Eve, give to Adam an apple, when human know they are naked, so that the time shoe is invented. the first inventor of shoe is Adam and Eve. Even though when we look the history picture many of the human didn't wear a shoes or anything that cover their feet but actually when we see or read in bible, there is a sentences that talking or writes about shoes or sandal or something that cover the feet.

According to the history, especially in the development human knowledge, we can see that from the beginning the human already recognized the importance of protecting the foot. Records from the Egyptians, the Chinese and other early civilization all contain references to shoes. In the Bible and the Hebrews, the shoe is repeatedly mentioned and used it in several instances with a legal significance, notably in binding a bargain.

Every shoes tells a story. What is means with that phrase, Words from Cathy Newman writes "baby booties to orthopedic sandals, we spend most pf our waking lives in shoes, and from them we may learn something about out culture, our history, and ourselves". From shoes, it's can tell us status, gender, ethnicity, sometimes religion, profession, and politics. Russian Writer Maxim Gorky have said "a strong pair of boots will be of the greater service for the ultimate triumph of socialism than... black eyes"

Shoes is also related to the traditional rules or legend and until the present time some people still believes with it or know about even though didn't practice. Children stories sometimes also have related with shoes especially in fairy tales examples, Cinderella, Seven League Boots, Mercury's Winged Sandals, Puss in Boots and other stories a from the ancient time and sometimes talks by our ancestor to us. The custom of throwing the shoe after the newly wedded couple is but one of the many instances in which the shoe, when used according to formula, was supposed to bring luck.

3-inch "lotus shoes" in a museum in Malacca Malaysia. Those shoes were worn by Chinese women from the 10th century until 1911. By the time a girl turned 3 years old, all her toes but the first were broken, and her feet were bound tightly with cloth strips to keep her feet from growing larger than 10 cm in order to fit in one of those shoes.


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the informative information - I enjoyed reading it! I always enjoy this blog. :) Cheers, vaginal birth video clips

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I think though foot binding is no longer practiced, many lotus shoes survive as artifacts in museums or private collections

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