Friday, August 3, 2007

Where is catege....

where is catega go... somebody tell us.....
Actually last week and a few days back catega have a outstation jobs that why no new post.
But last sunday i have go to nabalu to make a preparation for my mission to climb mount kinabalu.
And there is a lot of experience that i got while driving to nabalu.

Car accident involving a kancil and wira, the road is slippery because of the rainy day

Various types of "beras" there is red "beras", black and white "beras" but the more important is this Beras have a fragrance and make us become more appetite

Local product, hand made delicious.... and cheap only have in Sabah. Tuhau, Bosou, Bambangan and Honey

The closer look of Bosou and Tuhau

Mount Kinabalu view from Nabalu

Another Mount Kinabalu View From Nabalu

The Closed restaurant.

I hope this experience give my mental preparation to climb the Mount Kinabalu. Malaysia Boleh(can) of course catega Boleh(can) also.

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