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Saturday, August 11, 2007

Mount Kinabalu Part 1

Before i'm telling you all about my experience while climbing the Mount Kinabalu, First of all i wanna give you all the story about me.. choosing my climbing shoe. If i say before i will use adidas kampung to climb the Mount Kinabalu..... but at the last minute i change my mind and buy THIS shoe.

me trying my new climbing shoe

my 'FRIEND' trying his shoe

why i didn't use the adidas kampung? one of my experience friend, who many already climb this mountain said to me that if you use the adidas kampung shoe, you leg will feel very cold. So, that why i buy that shoe from Bata Shop. It's very comfortable, and suitable to use it for climbing mountain and also have a very good grip.

Dadada.... wait for the part 2

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