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Thursday, October 23, 2008

A Night At Malaysia Handicraft Promotion... (Sabah)

Have you knew that last week at Lintasan Deasoka there is Malaysia Handicraft promoton..... here are some picture that i take while visiting the exhibition.....


Something that attract me... in this exhibition.... Parang (cleaver)

and samurai....

Kudat gong... from sumangkap... are anyone of you wan this gong.. can contact me at for contact number...

And at the exhibition also got gong performance..

KARA OK... as you... we sabahan likes to singing just look to AF, and One in the Million winners this year.. both from Sabah


and also Sabahan Cartoon Magazine.. Gergitan

And finally when i going back to home i found this... Is it also a Craft or Art.?
Ehm Please make our city Clean
Zero Garbage

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