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Saturday, August 2, 2008

Breast Cancer

Do you have any idea what is breast cancer about? This disease nowadays is among the disease that cause high rates of fatality...

What is Breast Cancer?

How can you know that you may be have this cancer.....?

The Simptoms

Who is had the risk that may be will get this cancer?

Cancer of reproductive organs

Seminar from Sabah family Planning.....

Talk from ex- breast cancer patient... giving her testimony to the students

Normally men are interested about this cancer... don't know why... but this men not ex-breast cancer patient..... he just wanna ask...

Sabah Family Planning nurse giving talk about cervical cancer... which occur to women who active in sex or doing sex intercourse in early age.... or infected by HPV

So to the girls and women hopefully your guys update with this matter....
The important thing that you need to do is alway doing self checking to your breast.
To decrease the risk of cervical cancer don't doing sex with many partner... just do with you husband...

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