Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Scenery @ Beringgis

I think the scenery at Beringgis Beach Resort is purely natural beauty.... just look the green tree and grass.... it's make ease our tension and make our eyes sparkling....... to see this beauty...

very beauty photo taken by my friend using his Sony camera

Picture taken from the lobby

So... if you see the resort area from the lobby... you can't see the sea only you can see is the green tree and beauty landscape

The main building.....

But what scenery of this that you can seeee?
a) human behind the beauty landscape
b) sakai
c) monkeys want to take a picture

Other than the beauty scenery the tourist at here also very friendly and you can play-play with them

And the beach.... but still can't fight to Tanjung Simpang Mengayau beach....

Talking about training.... so if your company or organization wish to do a training you can go here also.... but is there any hall or seminar room for this kind activity? just wait my next post until then byeeee..... see yaaa

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