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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Arts at School

My out station job always bring me back "2 da skol"..... giving talk to school students and motivate them is a task that i really love and it's a way for me to gives a community service and at the same time complete my job.

One thing that we always can see when go to school that is they have they own gravity art at they wall. And this gravity always have a good message to student and community. Among the gravity that i have "snap" are the wall drawing at SMK Kudat II, Kudat.

Good drawing using black and white as a theme

Effect from taking a drug

a campaign for anti drug it's sound "youth hates drug"

This draws about which life you choose, wanna happy family or taking drug and your life will miserable

Another draw bring message about books,
Books are knowlegde

I think people that always doing vandalism, and love make a gravity art at public area or building should go to school and asking the principal to draw a gravity art at school wall. So may be it can be a community service also. If not the school, asking the "penghulu" or "ketua kampung" then draw at "Balai Raya" and of course the draw must be bring a good message.

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