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Tuesday, February 26, 2008


8th of March is very important to Malaysian citizen. The day to us as a Malaysian to choose our government. Is that Malaysian people is still believe and trust to our government now that they can make Malaysia better and still peace and harmony or the Malaysian already bored with the condition now and want to try other approach about developing Malaysia. may the opposition party can make Malaysia more better country?

That among the issues that come out to the voter when they choosing the leader.

Right now, Malaysia is a stable country actually. There is no hot issues that the opposition party that can talk to much or heat it up because there is no issues that Malaysian citizen didn't satisfy with the Barisan Nasional (BN) government.

From the rural area to the urban, from village to big city all the development and progression that BN made for the country is running smoothly and people are happy with the BN planning to decrease the poor rates among the Malaysian. The corridor of economy development for east malaysia, north malaysia, SDC in Sabah, SEDIA in Sarawak and Wilayah pembangunan Iskandar in South Malysia also very encouraging and made the Malaysian believe to BN government.
But the ways the BN doing they plan is slow and steady, can the Malaysian wait. Can this issues use by the opposition to claim the voters to vote them. This little-little thing sometimes can become big issue and can turn or change the mind of people when comes to votes. The issues that the opposition party raise up, about the oil price and so on is are old issue and we also can think it with ourself. If the opposition say they will decrease the price of the oil, how the can make it cheaper can the consider the oil price market now.... is that our oil that we produce our own is enough to our country...?

For the voters when we vote please choose the good leader or the real leader who want to lead the rakyat and his constituent to become more developt and less poverty. Leader who knew his rakyat condition and want to change it is a real leader.

For me, if our BN government believe in me in coming election not now but may be in four year times. May be i wanted to become calon for my area N3 Pitas. Hopefully one day, i will become wakil rakyat for Pitas (in God will).

Last but not least, as a Malaysian please vote...!!!! at 8th of March 2008 in your register area. Please do your responsible as Malaysian

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