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Friday, February 29, 2008

When Catega Going Out To Dinner

Catega... going to dinner....? Yeah around one month ago, actually i have go to my company dinner. When come to dinner everyone want to look handsome, pretty and beauty also elegant.

So here some of my photo whose taking by a professional photographer.

Before the dinner start (catega at the left)

Before our presentation "musical drama Prince Coffee Brown and 7 elegant ladys " (aka twisted disney story)

The talented actor on is act

who is dying here?!

When an actor speaking, they are just like me....!

At the dinner table, just look at picture many girls want to sit near catega

Taking a photo with my department

The prince and princess

all the pics a taken by studio galaxy.


Chernnie Iyvonny said...

Bos Chai, where can we get the photos taken by the galaxy studio?many thanks

catega said...

oooohhh.... if you want the softcopy... just ask me, i have it in my desktop.

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