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Thursday, January 17, 2008

Cooking oil is an issue in Malaysia

Why a country which is produce a lot tonne of oil palm in south east asia make a cooking oil as an issue. Why cooking oil supplied in Malaysia is not enough even though Malaysia was among the Big supplier of oil palm which is needed to produce a cooking oil.

Is that Malaysia only know how to plant oil palm and export it? Or it is because the price of a tonne of oil palm is high then the planter or the oil palm company just want have easy way to caught money, sell it to other country let them use it to produce a product such as cooking oil, margarine and so on, then sell back to Malaysia.

I'm thinking that Malaysia is rich of the oil palm resource, so Malaysia must clever to use the resource. Even though, nowadays people alway talking about Biodiesel which come from the oil palm but don't forget our fundamental need, which is foods.

So Malaysian let thinking and get an action.

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