Thursday, January 3, 2008

2008 What You Will Expect For This Year?

Now we are beginning for a new year again. A lot of people will come with the own visions, dreams and something about it for they new hopes in this year. How about you....?

For the man i think.... they will look into:

Money... to afford living in the big city, to make people respect us.

A Career.... it's the identity. It's show what men applicable of.

A Car... to make the chicks look into them. It's for the men adrenalin test, try the speed.

A Chicks.... some one to hold, some one to hug, some one to kiss and to love.


A Condo... a place to live with some one special....!

What's more important compare this 5Cs?

One thing we cannot forget is GOD.... make this year a year to remember the Creator and to make what He wanted from us.

God Bless us in 2008 and forever.

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