Tuesday, July 5, 2011


Hello! it's been along time i didn't update this blog. If i count it, it's already more than 7 months the is nothing new in here. Writing an essay or story for some people may be it is easy for them, but me i need a time and think what issue that i can share with all.

My job also make my time less free and have limited time to do blogging. Many think happen to me along my absent in this blog. Among the significant are I'm continue my study to master level and getting engage with some one special.

Everyday in my life there is always something new that i learn, and i think i want to started blogging again in this blog about what i learned. I try to make my self to post knowledgeable essay at least once in a month in this blog.

To make it happen, i'm trying to find the best tips for writing essay to make you guys who read my blog don't boring when read it and hope it help you to expand your mind and idea.

So hope you guys waiting for my next post... which is more to my opinion about an issue and hope you, my reader can shares you opinion also about the topic later. :-)

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