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Monday, March 7, 2011


Many people want to start businesses but don't have the money. However many businesses, including some world wide ones, have been started by dedicated entrepreneurs with empty pockets. The trick is to specialize in a service or product that you're good at, you love to do, and then start growing one order at a time.

Car washing (portable) for office buildings
Computer hook-up and repair
Computer programming (Think Bill Gates)
Consulting (McKinsey Co: A one-man start now serves 2/3 of Fortune 500)
E-bay consignment-listing auctions for others
Deliver dinners for restaurants and clients
Direct sales (The Pampered Chef: from basement to world-wide)
Event planner (parties and events)
Flower bed care for commercial buildings and offices
Freelance writing for media
Gift baskets (One sale to start can become a Harry and David)
Handyman services (consider focusing on a specialty)
Hobbies can become businesses: cookies, decorated cake, etc.
Holiday decorating for homes and businesses
Hot dog cart (How the Carl's Jr. 3,500 restaurant chain started)
House cleaning
Medical claims billing
Personal shopper
Personal trainer
Photographer (weddings, parties or businesses)
Portable food cart (your own specialty)
Remodeling (specialized)
Resume/document writer
Senior care services
Shoe shining route (mobile) for office building tenants
Sports coach (tennis, basketball, baseball, etc.)
Tax preparation
Teaching/tutoring: computer, musical instruments, languages, etc.
Transcription service
Translation services
Website design and management

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