Friday, February 19, 2010

She has great boobs and I hate her

NINETY per cent of women check out their rivals' assets up to seven times daily and nearly half of them are jealous of those with big boobs.

This was shown in a survey on 3,000 women and 1,000 men conducted by cosmetic surgery giant Transform.

The result of this survey has revealed a number of eye-opening truths about British attitudes to breasts in the 21st Century, said UK's The Sun newspaper.

The survey also showed that 51% of the women were unhappy with their breasts, with 63 per cent of them wanting bigger boobs.

Meanwhile, four in 10 men admitted that they looked at women's breasts at least 10 times a day with 40% confessing to looking at a woman's chest before her face.

And almost half of the men surveyed agreed that their partner's breasts are beautiful.

Pat Dunion, a spokesman for Transform, told The Sun that the research was a real insight into the British attitude towards breasts.

"Our fascination with breasts, whether male or female, seems to be getting bigger each year so it's no surprise that so many women seek out the breasts they've always wanted."

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