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Friday, April 3, 2009

Best Charge Cards For Business Travelers

Right now i'm reading Entrepreneur Meg for April edition... i found out an article that good for businessman who have travel so often... this article was wrote by Julie Moline and i wanna share with you all...

One of the great unsung productivity tools for the road warrior is plastic. A corporate rate charge card streamlines the expense report process and serves as a pipeline to perks. Her are some card programs geared specifically for small businesses:
  • OPEN from American Express offers Business Cardmembers the OPEN savings program designed for companies with 100 or fewer employees. Perks include 5 percent o 20 percent discounts on shipping, travel hotline and business services.
  • Diners Club has been a leading card business travelers since the 1950s. Features include an airport lounge program, a 24 hour emergency travel hotline and a rental car insurance program.
  • Universal Air Travel Plan is accepted by 240 airlines and travel agencies for air travel, service fees and management fees. It's best for companies that want to restrict charging to airline-related expenses.
  • The American Express Corporate Meeting Card allows all event-related expenses to be charge centrally, so hotel rooms, meals, transportation, and so on, all go on a single bill.

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