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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

You're Fired... What Happen Next?

2009, What we can expect our economy this year? many news either paper, radio or tv talking about recession... when recession come... many company will cut cost, cut cost, and it may be also cutting of man power which mean job losses.. Don't you think it may make people who depend on paycheck will worry about our economy crisis now..?

If you're been fired what will you doing..?
May be it's time for you to make your own business ... so what you think?

Startup Dos And Don'ts (info from entrepreneur mags feb 2009)
Thinking about starting a business instead of simply looking for another corporate job? Then heed these words of advice from Goerge Solomon, director of the Center for Entrepreneurial Excellence at The George Washington University.

  • Do your homework
  • Do make sure you know what you're getting into terms of cash commitments and financial obligations.
  • Do consider buying a franchise to get your feet wet
  • Do pick an industry, product line or service you know something about
  • Do start a business to be excellent at what you do
  • Do develop a relationship with a commercial loan officer
  • Don't dive in head first
  • Don't invest in business that promise immediate ROI
  • Don't overextend yourself financially and cognitively
  • Don't go into a business you know nothing about or you'll spend all your time trying to learn the business
  • Don't start a business to make money
  • Don't start a business in which your strategy is to offer low prices and high volume, because you can't compete. Sales do not equal profits.
Thinking innovative to can through recession?
here are 5 steps to innovation (info from entrepreneur mags feb 2009)
  • Apply rigor
  • Go where consumer go
  • Learn from other industries
  • Test your idea
  • Get leading edge
So be prepare in 2009 and be a succesful man /women.
(for more info you can read entrepreneur mags or visit

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