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Friday, April 25, 2008

The art of shoe shopping

Say No to High Heel

  • Shop in the afternoon to get your ideal fit because feet swell up during the day. Make sure the fit is comfortable.
  • Don’t expect new shoes to stretch so that you will eventually fit. You should find the perfect pair at first try.
  • Ensure you heel sit properly in the shoe without it riding up or down each time you walk. Look for good cushioning.
  • Avoid buying shoes made of synthetic material. Pick shoes with fabric upper. This way, you will lessen your chances of blistering because these are breathable materials.
  • Make sure heels are no more than 2 ¼ inches high to ensure comfort. Keep stilettos for special occasions.
  • Don’t be thrifty when it comes to comfort.
Source from Health & Beauty Magazine (Malaysia)

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