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Friday, November 2, 2007

Mount Kinabalu Part Finale

Finally i can post the final part of my journey, climbing the Mount Kinabalu. I have been busy doing a my works. Going to school giving a talk and at the college giving a lectures. So hope who really enjoying and patience to wait the final part, i wish thank you very much.

Wake up at early morning around 2.00 a.m. , we are prepared for climbing to the peak of Mount Kinabalu

Peace Baby!

Resting in the dark morning

We are at the peak now.... waiting the Sun come up.

Finally i conquer the Mount Kinabalu Hehehehehe...
i see, i come and i conquer

Looking the sun rise up in the coolest climate at the peak of Mount Kinabalu

Nice photo

Keep a memory

Time to going down

KM 8

KM 7

at this picture we can see the potter bring a heavy things such as woods, a lot of bags and so on

smart & tough potter
(jeans and t-shirt)

Thank you again for reading my journey...
waiting my other journey.... may be TIGA ISLAND.

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