Thursday, May 22, 2008

School uniform invites Rapers and Molester

If you guys read to Malaysian newspaper recently you will know about this... that our school uniform for girls is inviting mens to make a mistake.....? what mistake..... sorry invites them to do horrible thing to the girls such as rape, molesting and soon.

You guys out there do agree that the pinafore that had been wear by the girls student attracted to you desire especially the mens....

This issue had been risen by Islamic organization.... i already forget the name. Yeah May be that the school uniform look sexy ...ehm may be... But it actually depend to the girl how the wear it and the cutting that they tailored it. So it can be sexy and not sexy also. If the cloths is to transparent just buy the thick cloths or wear "baju dalam"

May be we have been influence by the Japanese culture wear short skirt to attract the men they likes...ehmmmmm or the people who rise it afraid our student will follow the Japaneses school fashion.

what you think guys....

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